On this page, you can find details of services providing support in education for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  

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The Health Visiting and School Nursing Team form part of Sheffield’s 0-19 Service

They work with:

  • community paediatricians
  • GPs
  • health visitors
  • other specialist professionals

Members of the School Nursing Team visit all schools in Sheffield. The team carries out routine health screening for all pupils. They also carry out planned immunisation programmes.

Other services support pupils with special education needs and disabilities.

The Mainstream Schools Therapy Service supports pupils with physical disabilities.

There are also support services for pupils with sensory impairments.  These are:

The Sheffield Autism Social and Communcation Team support learners in mainstream schools. They support children/young people who have autism and social communication difficulties.

The Sheffield Parent Carer Forum have advice about dyslexia: 

The Sensory Service have a virtual therapy area.  This provides parents/carers with:

  • knowledge
  • ideas
  • strategies

This is to support a child or young person with sensory needs that may impact their everyday life.  You can find out more here.

The Developmental Coordination Disorder team have created some videos.  These show how to support independence skills.  Watch the videos here.

The Child Development and Neuro-disability Service have created a wide range of resources.  These support with some of the difficulties Autistic children/young people may face.  Find out more here.

The Fusion SEND Hub provides support to schools around SEND. Find out more here.

The Learn Sheffield website has resources on the Inclusion Taskforce page.  These are under "Areas of need & support". This includes useful documents on:

  • SEND processes in Sheffield
  • the Graduated approach to SEND. This is what all school's use.

Visit Learn Sheffield.

If a child/young person is too unwell to attend school, the Becton Hospital and Outreach Education Team can help.   This could be either because of physical illness or due to mental health issues.  They help them keep up with their schooling until they are well enough to return to school.  

The School Teaching Team supports children who are in hospital.

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