Annual Health Checks for people with a learning disability - Transition Guide

If you have a learning disability, make sure that your GP adds you to the GP Learning Disability Register. This is so that reasonable adjustments can be made, and you can get the right healthcare. For further information please click the button below.

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Annual Health Check

From age 14, young people with learning disabilities can have an annual health check. Most GPs offer them. This is because people with a learning disability often have poorer health. This can be their physical or mental health, or both.

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Information for carers

A carer is anybody who looks after someone who needs extra help.  This is because of an illness or disability.  This could be a:

  • family member
  • partner
  • friend

This includes children and young people under 18.  All the care they give is unpaid.

A GP should code the carers notes (and those of other relevant carers) with an ‘Is a carer’ code. This is so that they get called for flu vaccines and up to date Covid advice. It can also help their GP practice to know that they are a carer. For example, making sure their own health issues are looked at, arranging appointments or home visits.

Parent and carers may want to put a request on your notes that they can pick up prescriptions on your behalf.  At age 16 you can pick up your own prescriptions and you may want someone to do this for you.

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